The Boss and Tunes Of Da Week 27.11.2012

Good afternoon!

Last night I fulfilled a life long dream and got to see Bruce Springsteen with the E Street Band. I don’t have the words to explain the experience, it just proved what everyone knows (or should know even if you are not a fan of his music), Bruce understands music, and music lovers, more than any artist I know. His appreciation for his career, his band, his fans, can not be met. And for someone who is in his early sixties, his energy, famous voice, and genuine love for performing, he tops artists I’ve seen who are ripe and young. He had a sold out arena on their feet dancing and clapping for over 3 hours, not once did he falter. There is nothing over the top about Bruce, just the most pure heartfelt music that can rip your heart to shreds in one second, and burst with happiness the next. When he played My City Of Ruins and took the time to address those who have lost this year “and to just let it sink in” as the room got quiet, I almost had a mental breakdown. As some who did lose someone they loved dearly this year, standing beside my best friend who also suffered a devastating lost shortly after, it was an unexpected moment for us that released some inner pain we’ve been quietly dealing with since the Spring.

Bruce Springsteen knows human connection and the power of coming together more than any musician I know. It’s what makes him a legend, and loved by so many.

*** and he still looks really sexy drenched in sweat ripping into a guitar solo.

One of my faves from last night:

Time to blast some tunes at ya – December is here, time to refresh the iPod!

Hallelujah by Ryan Bingham

No it’s NOT another Cohen cover, but a lovely song by a great artist doing Americana right. His husky voice makes you feel the weight of being weary and dragging on every day cause we have to. A slice of life.

Feel Again by OneRepublic

Yeah it’s fucking OneRepublic, yeah this sounds dangerously close to Florence’s Dog Days Are Over, but I don’t care. It makes me feel light, hopeful, happy, and appreciate my life and those who are in it. Also, I have immense respect for Ryan Tedder, the guy is a songwriting machine and has produced some of the most successful songs over the last 5 years. The guy can write a fucking hook.

Where The Kids Are by Blondfire

Need something to give you a bounce in your step during those dreary Vancouver mornings on your way to work? This might help.

Them Shoes by Patrick Sweany

My friend Jordan sent this one over to me, great blues tune. Fucking killer and sexy. Makes me want to drink bourbon and drive down to Nashville in a heat wave to forget about my life for awhile. Hmmmm…. maybe I should just do that. Anyone wanna join?

Hey Hey, My My (into the black) by Neil Young

I also had the immense pleasure of seeing the legendary Neil Young on Remembrance Day weekend on his birthday, and this brought the house down. As it should, and always will.

Doom and Gloom by The Rolling Stones

My faves released a Greatest Hits album and graced us with a new song. AND WHAT A SONG. Firty years later, still killing it, BOW. That awesome little rhythm riff before the chorus is pure good old Stones, and Mick sounds like he’s still got enough swagger left for another fifty years.

Wrath of God by Crystal Castles

No ifs and buts about it, this will either be horrific to you, or awesome. No in between. Embrace or discard, I’m on the embrace side.

I Only Have Eyes For You by Beck

The Flamingos covered this song back in 1959, and it is hands down my favourite song. So to my delight Beck covered it and managed to give it an even more lonely and haunting vibe and refreshed my love for it even more.

Blind Ride by Alison Mosshart & The Forest Rangers

Alison has one of the greatest voices in current rock n roll, and exudes what dirty, bluesy, sexy, no shame music should be about. Loving this new single of hers, where she’s not accompanied by Jamie Hince or Jack White.

I Will Fall by Tyler James and Kate York

Saved my current fave for last. Once in awhile a song comes along that will mess with you mentally, and be so accurate to hidden feelings you have, you stop everything you are doing cause you are unable to focus on anything else the first time it hits your ears. This is that song for me. Beyond lovely, beyond honest, and punches me in the gut at every listen. Posting the lyrics because they are gorgeous.

I’m afraid to go up onto the second floor
If you wanted to work it out why’d you lock the door
I thought I was good at loving you
But our light went out when you wanted it to
I wish you the best, I’m heading west
it’s all I know to do

I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when I think my heart break has settled down
I will fall, I will fall if you come around

When we said goodbye it was forever
And I spent the last year piecing my life together
Just when I think I’ve let you go
Your song’s playing on the radio
And just like that it rushes back
every part of you.


Tunes of da Week 10.12.2012

Bing. Bang. Boom. It’s Friday. My plans tonight involve a face mask, wine, and chilling with Alexis. But first I will throw some tunes at ya cause damn, I haven’t done that in awhile and maybe your iPod needs some sprucing up!

First though I need to spam my flaw free boys from the German National Team who destroyed Ireland today in a World Cup qualifier (only 2 more years to go!!!!). It was a gorgeous 6-1 win, with special award going to Reus who unfairly was yellow carded (Ireland player tripped him but ref saw it from behind and thought he was diving) and responded by not throwing a tantrum but laughing instead, and then scoring a goal 5 seconds later. Followed by another one. Flawless.

First lets appreciate Mesut “Oh I guess I’ll just score a goal here” Ozil.

And of course King of the German National Team, Miroslav Klose kicking one in for old time’s sake.

Perfect goal keeper Neuer and best captain ever Lahm thank you for your support.








Now that we got that out of the way, lets get some tunes going!


Everyday by Rogue Wave (cover of Buddy Holly)

I’ve actually never heard a cover of this song, and it’s one of my faves. It will forever make me think of my best friend Jo who introduced me to this song when I was 14. I like the vibe Rogue Wave puts on it, taking it from a childish melody to something a bit more lonely.

Satellite Heart by Anya Marina

This is a pretty little ditty to match the beginning of fall when it’s raining outside on Sunday morning and you refuse to leave your bed.

Kill Your Heroes and Not Your Fault by AWOLNATION

I’ve pimped out AWOLNATION (actually Aaron Bruno) plenty of times before on my blog, and I will continue to do so, cause something in this man’s raspy desperate voice fucking kills me. “Kill Your Heroes” is my life anthem at the moment, and “Not Your Fault” makes me think of those crazy couples who are so fucking toxic for each other but their obsessive love keeps em’ coming back in a vicious circle.

Slow Life by Grizzly Bear f. Victoria Legrand

Extremely haunting song, that flutter of piano keys in the chorus is gorgeous. I like the dual vocals on this, it’s like two songs in one. And it works.

The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids

Years ago I was having drinks with two friends who ranted about their hatred for Japandroids. Having extremely similiar music taste to theirs, I never thought to check the band out for myself. Cut to present where I finally did and was pleasantly surprised TO FUCKING LOVE IT. I know some people don’t like this crunchy guitar rock that sounds like it’s coming from your neighbours garage, but man this one hits me in the gut. I also kind of went 15 year old Julia on this band and read every article I could find on them. Japandroids is a Vancouver duo that consists of Brian King (guitarist) and David Prowse (drummer). Their album “Celebration Rock” is currently on repeat on my iPod. The vibe, lyrics and messiness of it is striking all the right chords for my life right now. Sorry friends, we will have to agree to disagree on this one, to each their own! Their video for this song also help in endearing me to them, just a great live video that looks slick as fuck.