In remembrance to Levon, and tunes of da week

This week we lost a true music gem, Levon Helm.

I first got acquainted and learned about Levon and his band, The Band, at the age of 18 living in L.A from my step-dad. During high school I was a big fan of these older bands that I sadly didn’t get to grow up with, but for some reason The Band made me appreciate it on another level. I suddenly started feeling the pure soul of it. I learnt a lot about music when I lived in L.A from my step-dad. He showed me where artists like The Band drew THEIR inspiration from, and it made me see all those bands from the 60’s-70’s in a new light. These bands that inspired musicians of my generation also looked up to someone. Suddenly they weren’t these historic figures anymore, but they became real, and I felt immersed in their time and what they were singing about.

I’ll always have a soft spot for The Band and how they opened my ears to recognize the truthfulness, soulful and pure heart in music. I thank Levon for it,and his immense talent and grace.

So turn these up, fade out life, and rejoice.

The Weight

Up On Cripple Creek

Tears of Rage (ugh this song, one of my personal faves)

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

When You Awake

Atlantic City by Levon Helm (cover of Bruce, one of my fave songs, done well by Levon)


It’s sunny. Go have a beer.

Two Hours by Theme Park

New summer jam? Yes.

Picking Up The Pieces by Fitz and the Tantrums

Another one? Yes.

Hold On by Alabama Shakes

This is for late summer nights. Ice cubes melting in your whiskey. Your friends laughing. And sleeping in.

Letter From A Thief by Chevelle

Chevelle!!! Ahhh 2004 angry driving in L.A Julia. Ah this shit was good back in the day. Still is. This is a “newer” song from some years ago.

Butterfly Carnival by Sandwich

Weird song that probably only I will like. Posting it anyway.



Happy Friday the 13th! I had a magical day today where I woke after only 5 hours of sleep with absolutely no hangover from the previous evening which involved murdering Jameson shots with Sean and being the only two people dancing/slap fighting at the Cobalt. Yay Thursdays!!!!



I had to pat my German liver as a thank you. It always helps me out when I truly need it. I will reward it with more beers tonight at The Narrow. Sean and I have concluded that for some insane reason we prefer drinking during weekdays and punishing ourselves at work. PSYCHOTIC.

In other news, I have dropped off the deep end and joined Tumblr. I suggest going over there to mine only if you dare, it’s mostly foxes, music, ~deep meaning~ song lyrics, and a shit load of gifs I make from my favorite parts of whatever shows I watch during the week. Fucking Tumblr is the most addictive thing I’ve ever thrown myself into. I’m legit just like

for three hours. WHOOPS.

And finally, Vancouver is rising like a phoenix from winter’s hold and blessing us with sun and giving me permission to throw my jeans away. SEASON OF DRESSES BEGINS. I legit rarely wear pants from mid-April to October. So because of this gorgeous weather, tune up your bike, get some sunglasses, find a patio and add these songs to your iPod. SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE.


Runaway by Mr. Little Jeans

This reminds me of Neon Indian but with female vocals. I can listen to this song on repeat and not tire. It’s just very dancey and melodic in a none fuss way.

No Interruption by Hoodie Allen

I love this kid. Twenty-three year old white kid with a smooth flow and just the right amount of arrogance to make you smirk with him. The chorus of this song is the most infectious thing I’ve heard this year so far. And kind of turns me on. I bought his EP and it’s great.

Break Ya Back by Timbaland feat. Dev

It’s no secret by now that I’m a sucker for heavy dark bass and this new track from Timbaland not only proves that he’s still got it, but that his genius ear for creating amazing beats is still very much intact. I love that he brought Dev on this, she’s been creeping in these kind of tracks and I love her delivery and voice. That drum line that kicks the song into an even darker lair at 0:58 is fucking awesome.

Warrior by A-Trak, Kimbra and Mark Foster

These three musical minds came together and made a fun song ready to make you want to play in the sun. Also my crush on Mark Foster keeps growing. He’s like a kitten. Too god damn adorable. It’s inexplicable.

The Animal by Richard Walters

Okay one slow one creeped in. It’s just so god damn gorgeous. It can’t be all fun and happy 24/7.