tunes of da week mega-post 02.25.2011

hey guys and gals,

I totally missed last week’s tunes of da week cause I was busy with something called life so you know, shit happens. So this week I’m amping it up, hopefully this will get you in the weekend spirit!

sidenote – I’ve been working on a new feature script and decided to do something I never do, a cliche hollywood romantic comedy. And let me tell ya, it’s been a blast so far. Everytime I stop and think “no, I can’t possibly use this in my plot, it makes no sense!”, I picture the trailer VO and I say “of course this works!”. Also picturing my dialogue being spoken by either Jennifer Aniston or Kate Hudson works really well. As a tribute, here is one of my all time fave hollywood romantic comedies:

“yes you are a guy… quite a guy… oh my! oh that ryhmes. yikes… bikes!”

“are you in special ed?”

On to the main event!

Come and Go by The Reason

I first heard these guys back in 2006 and wasn’t too impressed, but this Kings of Leon vibe they are sporting is fitting and makes me want to drink a beer so therefor it’s going on my playlist. Now I want to drink beer on a patio. Damn it!

Guilty Filthy Soul by AWOLNATION f. Wale

wwwwooooozzeeerrsss, this makes me want to put on my heels, wear a sequenced blazer, paint my lips red and down a bottle of champagne I can’t afford at some record industry party where I fall into the pool at the end. Thank god it’s friday!

Guineafowl by Botanist

Still unsure of how I feel about this song but it keeps coming up on my playlist and I never skip over it. It’s growing on me like a slow summer tan. That’s a lie, I never tan with these German genes.

King of the Beach by Wavves

Recently discovered these guys live which was ridiculous. They are terrible musicians but had the whole crowd of underage scene kids going batshit crazy that one could only applaud them. Plus, surfer rock is due for a comeback.

White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons

Lets slow it down here and appreciate these talented bitches. This song may have to be the most brutally honest song I’ve heard in a long time and I die a little every time it comes on. Marcus Mumford’s trembling voice in this makes me think he suffered a terrible, terrible heartbreak and is punishing himself every time he sings this. Mr. Mumford, please come on over for a hug and a shot of whiskey, I think you need it. But this song is gorgeous beyond words, especially when you spite out “you desired my attention, but denied my affections”. Godspeed you wounded man… godspeed…


Y’all know my weakness for top 40 jams, so here are my pop hits of da week.

On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez f. Pitbull

Jlo… JLO!!! Where have you been hiding? I mean I know you had twins and all with rat face Marc Anthony, making shitty romantic comedies and now laying down the law at American Idol, but DAMN GURL. I remember when you were the IT girl dating Puff Daddy. You always had great dance songs and this is no exception. Welcome back, this beat is sexy and so fucking catchy I’m gonna play it again. Next time though, leave Pitbull out of it, you don’t need him.

Coming Home by Diddy

Speaking of lost artists from late 90’s and early 2000’s, Diddy, I don’t care if you are a shitty rapper, this song is dope, even if you are channeling your inner Kanye. I know everyone thinks you are lame, but I remember when everything you touched was gold. Plus you were the only funny part of Get Him To The Greek for me so, welcome back.

E.T Katy Perry f. Kanye West

Speaking of Kanye, he is the guy who can touch anything now and make it into gold. Katy Perry is either strongly hated or loved, and she’s actually grown on me with her Teenage Dream album (which by the way, Teenage Dream has to be the most amazing, perfect, flawless pop single this year. I don’t care what y’all say). This is a sly little number so put on your cutoff jeans and sunglasses and write about your crush in your journal sipping lemonade that’s spiked with vodka.


Dedicated to James

Look at these fucking hipsters. This is a game I like to play with my dear friend James. We were clearly inspired by this glorious website. Hipsters are funny to us, and occasionally piss us off. Now before you get all high and mighty on me about judging people on the clothes they wear and hating on harmless hipsters, just remember that I’m sure these bitches judge me just the same as some “snooty working class bitch who doesn’t know a thing about music or art”. Blah blah blah, we all judge each other, we’re all bitches, etc. For some reason hipsterS in particular are the people I like to watch and go “look at this idiot”, so if you wanna send me hate mail go right ahead. I’d like to preface the story I’m about to tell with this disclaimer:

I do not HATE hipsters. I have wonderful friends who run in this particular crowd or indulge in that particular style, I have no problems with hipsters and their scene, they are allowed to do and think what they want. I just find they take themselves too seriously sometimes and wind up as a parody and it all gets pretty funny. I’m probably not explaining myself too well, but this article is pretty spot on.

So a week ago I went with Franz to the Rickshaw to check out some music from Wavves and Best Coast. We were fully prepared to walk into hipster central so we mentally prepared to be stared at in our regular jeans and t-shirts. Now the music was all fine and dandy (Wavves is a spectacle to be seen live, truly), but the one thing I remember the most is a certain moment in the bathroom where I literally spun around looking for James so I could shout LOOK AT THESE FUCKING HIPSTERS.

So I’m standing in line with 20 other chicks, it’s taking forever cause all the stalls are out of order and only one is functioning. This is the Rickshaw after all. Anyway, all the gals in line look IDENTICAL in their hipster fashion, ripped tights with a vintage shoe, cut off shorts and a large flannel too big for them hiding their tiny frames. Unruly hair flopped up in a perfect messy bun, clutching their PBR. Which by the way, do they actually like PBR? They had much better beers for the same price or maybe like 50 cent more, why drink PBR? It’s not good. Does it go with the look? Conundrum. Anyway, so behind me are two other girls who seem to be in the same boat as me which is, we might be the only ones dressed like we came from the office and feeling like we might have walked into a David Lynch movie. Two girls in front of me, amazing hipsters, are chatting. The one girl keeps redoing her messy bun, complaining “it’s not messy enough”. I shit you not. She redid it 5 times until she asked her friend to help her. So her friend pinned it up so it was all lopsided to the right. This satisfied her and she began tugging at her flannel. Then, THEN, they start chatting.

Girl 1 “oh my god, who was that actor who like tried to fuck us in Toronto?”

She says it loud enough for everyone in line to perk up and listen. Once her friend sees they have all the attention, they continue.

Girl 2 “oh yeah… who WAS that guy…”

Girl 1 “yeah……… OH! Ryan Gosling!”

Girl 2 “Oh yeah totally, Ryan Gosling. Oh my god he was so weird, he totally wanted us to come up to his room”

Girl 1 “oh my god, like, seriously.”

They both laugh and run off into the corner of the bathroom. I roll my eyes so far to the back of my head my two fellow office chicks behind me join in. First of all, as if you didn’t remember Ryan Gosling you 19 year old attention whores, second of all WHY THE FUCK DID YOU NOT FUCK RYAN GOSLING?


He’s on my list, so the fact that you bitches decided that Ryan was not worthy of your vaginas makes me believe he did not in fact even attempt to hit on you. I mean dude is fooooxxyyy. Anyway, the stall becomes free so I go in and they shout at me “ummmm excuse ME, we were in line” and I’m all like “well sorry, you guys left the line so I assumed – ” “NO WE’RE IN LINE” and they run hand in hand into the stall yammering on loudly enough again for everyone to hear about the time they were drunk in Greece “for that one night”.

ugh look at these fucking hipsters. you know what, I know I shouldn’t judge them on being hipsters cause either way they are both idiots, but it makes it so much easier when they are walking around like they are the hottest bitches in the room with their cool individual style, when there are 200 other girls looking exactly like them.

hipster rant, done.

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