unhealthy and tunes of the week 01.27.2011

dear lord.

my body is hating on me big time. I was sick coming back from the holidays, and there was one weekend of health, until my sickness devoured Franz and is now making it’s way back to me. On top of that, my assistant editor carpal tunnel has made an intense comeback, to the point where my thumb is basically not usable. Also, my jaw has decided to act up for the first time since “the accident” in 2007 so the side that was broken is currently in pain.

body, I thought we were pals?

Tunes of the week, turn it up.

Louder Than Ever by Cold War Kids

One of my fave bands is back with a new album, and as they always do, deliver a solid, instantly in your most played ipod playlist, single to get you ramped up to see their spectacular live show. Get it boys!

Pictures by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Just… very pretty.

Blinding by Florence and The Machine

I know Florence is everywhere these days, but this is such a gem off her Lungs album. When the chorus kicks in, I get goosebumps every time. Also a choreographer needs to use this ASAP on so you think you can dance.

Crystalised by The XX


Lets get sexy this Thursday. Yowza.


tunes of the week 01.21.2011

it’s been a typical winter week here in Vancouver. Snow, then slush, then rain, then monsoon rain. Also, my rusty but sturdy G5 Mac at work has finally retired to Paperny Films heaven. But despite all this, I’m in a good mood this friday. Okay in a marginally good mood. Okay that’s a lie but I’m gonna suck it up. So join me for a moment of silence for my work loss, for there is nothing more sacred of a bond then that of a post-coordinator/assistant editor’s and their computer. I knew exactly how long it would take to export a cut depending on their length and settings, or how to revive it when I had 3 post schedules open in excel, compressor compressing and final cut trying to “prepare for display” on 5 timelines. Rest in peace, you beast.

Thank you. Now pump up the jams.

Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen by Santana

Heard this yesterday, what a lost gem. Totally forgot about this classic. Reminds you of when Santana was the coolest guy ever before he started doing duets with Rob Thomas and Chad Kroeger. Shudder. There was a legend once there.

Fresh Blood by the Eels

This is pretty sinister and heavy, but very fitting for the early mornings I have been pulling. When riding your bike at 6:30 am through a dark and sleeping Vancouver, with frosted cars and eery stillness, this song sets the mood.

Piper\’s Song (aeroplane remix) by Gypsy & The Cat

Aweeeeeeeesome. Words can not describe how much this song makes me want to bust out my best Paula Abdul choreography. It starts off pretty unassuming and unimpressive and then the chorus kicks in and slaps you in the face with awesome keyboard riffs straight out of an early 90’s cheesy film montage. Calling 1992 Keanu Reeves, will you be my date to the prom?

When Water Comes to Life by Cloud Cult

Once you get past the unnecessary long intro of swelling violins and cello, this song finally gets going. Slowly, but the lyrics will make you keep listening. Then it starts to rise, then the drums kicks in, and then the group vocals, then the guitar, and next thing you know you have stopped what you are doing to listen to this masterful and truly uplifting finale to this splendid, beautiful song. Crank it up.

Swim by Surfer Blood

Lets get into a car, drive to Malibu and go surfing. Fuck this rain.